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The Vision of Reality Series

"asato ma sadgamaya 

tamaso ma jyotir gamaya  
mrtyor-ma amrtam gamaya" 

 From the unreal lead me to the real, from the darkness lead me to light, from death lead me to immortality

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Self Knowledge

Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti – in Sri Ramakrishna's words : "So many religions, so many paths to reach one and the same goal."

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The Mystery of Creation

The universe originates from Maya and goes back to Maya. But the world-tree is rooted in Brahman

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A Revelation

Deny no one can that one day the outer Reality science will unravel as yoga does the inner Reality. Of one Reality twin aspects both are; The Vision of Reality that is Revelation. 

Knowledge is the only way to attain that revelation.

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The Supreme Secret of the Gita: The Song of God

Akasat patitam toyam yadha gachati sagaram 

Sarvadeva namaskarah Kesavam pratigachati ||

Self-surrender to God who is one alone. Our responsibilities cease when we turn  to him and let him fill our whole being.

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Practical Gita

The Gita shows the way for self-fulfilment. Our search for happiness is the effort for self-fulfilment. Self-fulfilment is the development of one's own potentialities, fulfilment of one self. Self- fulfilment means completion.

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Nectar of the Gita

"Yatra Yogesvarah Krishno
Yatra Partho dhanurdharah
Tatra srir Vijayo bhutir
dhruva nitir matir mama" 

Where so ever there is Krishna, the Lord of Yoga, and the blessed one Arjuna the Archer, there will I think surely be fortune, victory, welfare and morality.

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తత్త్వదృష్టి -2

అనుష్ఠాన వేదాంతము

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Home: About
Home: About

K V S Sastry

Kesavabhotla Venkata Subrahmanya Sastry more known as K.V.S.Sastry was born on January 1st 1935 in a Village, Kunchavaram, near Tenali town, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Literary talents, are his paternal inheritance. He got his school education at Tenali and later at Guntur A.P. He did B.Sc; B.A; B.Ed at Guntur. He did M.A (Eng); LL.B, as a regular student in Saugar University,
Saugar, Madhya Pradesh. Later he did M.A (Tel) at Hyderabad,  India. He worked as Lecturer in English in Government Colleges in Telangana for 35 years and retired from service in December 1992
on attaining the age of superannuation.
Even while in service he had immense interest in the upanishads, but he could not find enough time to put in writing his
deep thoughts. It was only after retirement from service he could give book shape to his knowledge. 'That art Thou' forms the core of his philosophy. He first wrote in Telugu in four volumes (5 books) and they were printed. Now he made English his means of expression and put all the matter in English in 6 books.

Books by the author In TELUGU :

1. Tatva Drishti-1 Vedanta Saramu

2. Tatva Drishti-2 Anusthana Vedantamu

3. Tatva Drishti-3

3-(1) Srishti Rahasyamu 3-(2) Srishti Rahasyamu

4. Tatva Drishti-4 Gita Darsanam – Samajika Spriha

5. Vyasa Guchamu

6. Bhava Vallari

7. Ekankikalu

Books Authored in ENGLISH:

1. The Vision of Reality-1 Self-Knowledge

2. The Vision of Reality-2 Mystery of Creation

3. The Vision of Reality-3 A Revelalion

4. The Vision of Reality-4 Supreme Secret of Gita

5. The Vision of Reality-5 Practical Gita

6. The Vision of Reality-6 The Nectar of Gita

7. A posy of Essays

8. Nose Gay
9. One-act plays

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Writer. Author. Thinker

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